The WVTHS.COM website is owned and operated by the Computer and Network Technology (CNET) Shop at Westfield Vocational Technical High School (WVTHS).

This website is "Run by Student for Students"

    It serves as both a 'live work' model for students who are taking the CNET program and a resource for students throughout WVTHS.

    CNET students learn Information Technology (IT) skills in many areas, including: HTML programming, Linux OS, Apache Server, Hardware Support, Network Services, IT Security, and Platform Virtualization - all of which are supported by the WVTHS.COM website. See the CNET website here.

    The content on this website is intended to support the WVTHS student body in general. It holds information that may be useful to current students, prospective students, and staff. Although this website is updated regularly, it is not updated daily, and therefore might not contain all information about current events.

Credits, Acknowledgements, Info

    Website development and coding is done in HTML and JAVASCRIPT using the Open Source text editor GEDIT by Mr. Richardson and the CNET 9th grade students
Student Development Teams
. Bandwidth for WVTHS.COM is donated to CNET by Comcast.

    The WVTHS.COM server is located in the CNET Shop. It is an HP DL360 G7 with dual quad core Intel Xeon processors and 32 GB of RAM. The server has four 300GB 10,000RPM SCSI hard drives in a RAID5 configuration.

    The Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Linux Operating System runs natively. The Linux hypervisor Kernel Virtualization Module (KVM) and QEMU processor emulator are used to create Virtual Machines (VMs). This website is handled by a Fedora 13 VM guest on the Ubuntu host. CNET uses only free software (under the GNU General Public License) to run its infrastructure and services.

  WARNING!   WVTHS.COM is protected by Paranor Druids. A pox is automatically cast on all those who attempt to hack it.
  NOTICE!  WVTHS.COM uses only natural organic free-range software. 99% Fat Free. No Additives or Preservatives. No animals were harmed in the making of this website.