Computer and Network Technology
Career Training
Computer TechnicianNetwork Technician
Computer ProgrammerNetwork Administrator
Computer EngineerNetwork Engineer
Database AdministratorTelecommunications Tech
Website DeveloperRobotics Engineer
Systems AnalystSoftware Engineer
Local Supporting Businesses
Mestek Comcast
Whalley Computer Associates Noble Hospital
Westfield Bank Mass Mutual
Staples Crocker Communications
STCC Westfield State University
   The Computer and Network Technology (CNET) shop trains students in grades 9 through 12 on skills needed to immediately enter the Information Technology (IT) field. CNET teaches how computers work, how to build them, and how to fix them when they don’t work. CNET also teaches how to build secure client/server networks, and how to manage the networking needs of Information Age businesses. CNET's Cisco Academy is part of the largest global e-learning program in the world. Your on-line textbook provides a curriculum that joins you to thousands of Cisco Academy students around the world. More than 500 hours of hands-on labs prepares you for Industry Certification, College and a Career.
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